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Fair Distribution

There are no bonding curves with Pitty Pals. 9,900 Pitty Pals are available for whitelist at .04Ξ and mint at .08Ξ. The remaining 99 Pitty Pals are saved for marketing! 

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🌐 World Wide Rescue Assistance

Every year, 6.5 million dogs, cats, and other former pets are abandoned or lost and enter shelters. But of all these animals, only 3.2 million are adopted and many see shelters again after less than a year of finding a new home.


🗳 HODLer Voting Power

You! The HODler of a Pitty Pals NFT has the ability to be a hometown hero. By nominating your neighborhood rescue, shelter, foster, or non-profit they can be selected by community vote to receive a donation!


🐾 Free Access to IRL Events

We just celebrated No More Pain Resqs First Annual Cocktails and Canines Gala. We are attending NFT NYC and plan on hosting more events as the community grows! 


🎉 Contest Giveaways

Our community is everything. Therefore we have 100 Pitty Pals NFTs set aside for giveaways. Our HODLers will also receive a Free Voxel NFT Airdrop. Lastly, we're avid NFT collectors. We believe in supporting and growing the Web3 space and in return, we will invest in our favorite projects for redistribution to our community.


🐕 Metaverse Dog Den  

We will begin building a shared space for all Pitty Pals. The Dog Den will be an easy way for us to be able to all be together from all the corners of the world. Access to all virtual events will be granted to all of our holders.


🌈 Merchandise Drop

Merch! Gotta have that drip. We're currently exploring multiple platforms that verify assets (Pitty Pals NFT) and allow you to claim merchandise! 


🪙 NFT Staking

The NFT space is rapidly growing. Having the ability to yield your NFT is another way to be able to invest your erc-721 tokens.




How do I adpot a Pitty Pal?

First download a MetaMask Wallet. Purchase Ethereum (ETH) via wallet or Coinbase. This page will have a minting function June 1st where you can purchase our NFT or go to for secondary sales!


What is a smart contract?

A protocol that will execute once the terms of the agreement have been fulfilled.


Why buy a Pitty Pal NFT?

Project Pitty Pals is more than digital artwork. Our NFT is raising money for a great cause. Each NFT acts as a membership card for both access to future events and voting power.


How can my rescue be featured for donations?

Click the contact tab and submit a request. We will be listing all eligible rescues, shelters, fosters, and non-profits available for our community to vote on.


How do donations work?

50% of all royalties from our sales will go towards charitable donations at the end of every month after the initial sale of the collection. This will be then distributed to the top 3 shelters chosen via the monthly vote.


What is a Voxel?

3d Voxel Art aka NFT has the capability of being used as a character in The Sandbox. 


What is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT)?

An NFT is a unit of data stored in the form of a smart contract on the blockchain.


How much is a Pitty Pal NFT?

Whitelist .04 Ethereum aka Eth which currently is estimated at around $120.00 each. Launch day mint .08 eth.


How do I join the community?

By joining our Twitter and Discord!


Who is the $150,000 going to?

Phase 2 of our roadmap is a donation of $150k to NoMorePain Rescue / Pitbulls & Addicts. 


You're giving away $100,000 to a member?

Yes, at the complete sale of our collection we will be selecting a community member by random. To enter you must own a Pitty Pals NFT.

Charities & Sponsors 

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.


​Pitty Pals Voxel NFT

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